What started out as a gaming alias for owner Jose Carlos Morales (Tintachi6) ended with a desire to start something fresh/unique within the clothing industry. He randomly created a gaming inspired mascot (named Kolu) which looked cool and wondered if it would look good on a hat! This came out of a need in wanting a hat that didn’t revolve around a sports team or some random brand with a subpar logo/meaning. After many iterations and not stopping till the mascot was perfect, T6 Designs along with it’s logo was born in 2015.

Money was limited and business expertise weren’t there just yet so it was a very slow start. With the help of extremely supportive friends and family, Carlos was able to run limited edition shirts/hats throughout that time and stay relevant solely because of this amazing group of people. It’s now present day where the brand is alive, stronger marketing tactics being implemented, and the brand is being taken more seriously. As for the future, we aim to be a three headed hydra: Clothing, Gaming, and Skating. For the brand itself, this is who we are and here’s a little more about us:

T6 Designs is a local Dallas Apparel & Clothing brand where you can explore a variety of shirts and hats we have to offer. Clothing and our many accessories are offered through our online store as well as collaboration items we've done with some awesome creatives! We print/embroider on trusted brands like New Era, 47 Brand, Comfort Colors, Alternative Apparel, Colortone, and Independent Trading Co just to name a few. Feel free to contact us in any way and connect with us over our socials!
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